Hebrew Clauses – Wolfgang Schneider

In my Hebrew Exegesis courses, I use Wolfgang Schneider’s, Grammatik des biblischen Hebräisch, to introduce biblical Hebrew Syntax. Here is my summary of Section 44, which is Schneider’s take on Hebrew clauses.
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Author: Randy McKinion

Besides being a husband and father, I teach at Cedarville University in Cedarville, OH.

5 thoughts on “Hebrew Clauses – Wolfgang Schneider”

  1. Randy,
    Thank you for this presentation. I just used it to help explain to some on my committee the basic concept driving my dissertation. How are you coming in translating Michel’s work on the Psalter?

    1. That’s great to hear, Josh.
      I’m continuing to translate it (did a couple sections this week). I haven’t had an opportunity to post more due to the busyness of the semester, but I intend to soon.

      1. I understand being busy. I am teaching 11 hours while trying to prepare for my oral exams. I have worked here and there trying to translate some of Michel’s work. We should compare notes at some point. I will be using Michel in my dissertation so his work is very important to me at this point. Thanks for your hard work trying to get Schneider’s ideas into the mainstream Hebrew pedagogy.

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