Psalm 3 (with a comparison to Psalm 4)

I am in the midst of teaching a course on Psalms. Although it is an English-Bible based class, I have been active in diagramming and working with the Hebrew text. This is with a view to using some of this in teaching Hebrew exegesis in the future. I thought I might use this blog to share some of these diagrams. This may be profitable to those who read, teach, and preach the Hebrew Bible.

I have basically approached the psalm in a two-fold manner: (1) trying to use a diagram to discern the structure of the text as well as any other features (chiasm, inclusio, etc.) that the text may demonstrate and (2) demonstrating the contribution of both the masora parva and the critical apparatus. Moreover, on some occasions (like this one) I intend to show how some psalms relate to one another. If you don’t read Hebrew (or if your copy of the Hebrew text that you bought in Seminary still creaks when you open it), this may not be much help, but it is provided with the greatest of intentions. Here’s the document…I would love to have some feedback.

Psalm 3


Author: Randy McKinion

Besides being a husband and father, I teach at Cedarville University in Cedarville, OH.

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